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The Dalhoeve offers the opportunity to do an internship and is an approved apprenticeship (Aequor 16002). Students, for example from the Helicon colleges, but also from other colleges are welcome and can count on a good guidance and housing.

Practical experience is indispensable in education. The business community is the best place to gain experience. This experience can be gained at the Dalhoeve, you will be guided by our internship supervisor Linda Leeflang, but of course all of our staff is waiting for you. You come into contact with all aspects of our company.

The activities on the Dalhoeve never stop because of seasonality. The breeding season starts February 1st and runs through till September 1st, this is the perfect time to gain experience regarding the breeding. We offer the opportunity to view everything step by step from semen to foal.
In the summer season the mares are also prepared for the inspection and possibly a IBOP (mare test). Saddle breaking, riding sports- and trading horses for training and competition are activities that occur throughout the year.

The winter season is almost entirely dedicated to the training of young stallions. The young stallions coming from the pasture, are selected and then prepared for the stallion inspection.


  • As part of a sports college it is possible to take your own horse on your internship (if there is a place).
  • Apartments for internships are available.


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