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The Dalhoeve is since many years a concept in the horse world.

As a certified stallion station we provide services as freezing and sending semen (including exports), we provide services in preparing stallions and mares for inspection and breaking and training young horses. In addition, we provide professional advice on buying and selling of horses, both dressage and jumping.

Of course, all SWS stallions are available at our station. Recognized EU Station (NL-8500)

The Dalhoeve used to be a dairy farm and they also had some horses. These horses were for breeding and were released in competitions. Because of the growing ambition for competition, an indoor arena was built. Over time, the farm was transformed into the equestrian center, the stables were extended and the existing indoor arena was made larger. In the beginning, the horse center was owned by three families, including the Gerritsen family and was completely taken over in 1995 by the Gerritsen family.

The Dalhoeve
Just outside Wamel, a quiet town in the Land of Maas and Waal, lies between the vast farmlands, The Dalhoeve. The company provides accommodation for about 80 horses. This varies from foal to approved stallion. In addition, the Dalhoeve has an indoor arena of 20 x 70 meters and an outdoor arena of 20 x 60 meters with both professional soils, an outdoor jumping arena, an indoor training mill, lunging circle and paddock. Furthermore, the Dalhoeve provides pasturage for grazing mares (foals) and rearing of young stallions. In the winter, we use the stables for the rearing of young stallions to guarantee the herd feeling.

Our team consists of motivated and experienced employees who care for daily training and guidance of the horses.


    • “The Dalhoeve” is a recognized EU station under number EN-8500.
    • The breeding season ends on 01-09-2017.
    • The management of our company is not liable for damage, sickness or injury to persons, horses and transportation or otherwise during the stay in our company or in transit.
    • For a small fee we can transport your mare.
    • We ensure the correct guidance of the offered mares, in close cooperation with the owners of the mares so a high pregnancy rate can be achieved.
    • Mares or semen can be picked up or brought on Sunday up to 11 a.m. After 11:00 we are closed.


    • Insemination: the semen of our stallions is available at any approved stud station.
    • The possibility exists to inseminate via “The Dalhoeve” with stallions from other stations.
    • When using S.W.S. stallions from other stations, we calculate the shipping cost by the owner of the mare.
    • Breeding conditions are filed with the Association of Hengstenhouders.
    • The possibility exists for insemination at home when we can reach you within one hour drive.
    • When the mare is not in foal at the end of the breeding season, you must hand in a veterinary statement at the Dalhoeve no later than 01-10-2014. You will automatically receive your relevant part of the stud fee returned if the invoice is paid within eight weeks, otherwise this arrangement expires.

Veterinary Costs

    • Veterinary supervision is in the hands of Veterinary “The Lingehoeve” in Lienden. This supervision is the risk of the mare owner.
    • For mares that are offered at our station, you pay per mare € 120, - excl. VAT. This covers only palpation and scanning.
    • Mares for frozen semen have palpation twice a day, charged at € 175, - excl. VAT
    • All other veterinary operations will be charged to the mare owner
    • Insemination is free of charge.

Stud fees

    • All stud fees are excluding VAT, pedigree and remittance costs.
    • If you are using a stallion whose semen is received from another stud station, the shipping costs thereby incurred, are charged by the Dalhoeve to the mare owner.

Livery charges

    • Livery charge per day for mares without foals € 8, - incl. VAT
    • Livery charge per day for mares with foals € 9, - incl. VAT
    • These costs must be paid in cash when picking up your mare
    • Mares who stay at the station should be vaccinated against influenza.


Paardencentrum De Dalhoeve, Weteringstr 4, 6659 KM WAMEL, T 0487 562100, F 0487 562006, Nol Mobiel: 06 53983138, E-mail: